About Us

Pure Evolution was born from an idea that developed while founder Damian Lovell was dedicating his life to the carpet cleaning industry. This is his story.

Damian grew up on a small family farm in Eastern Idaho. Damian made do with what he was provided never having the shiniest new toy or the top-of-the-line equipment. At a young age Damian learned strong foundational characteristics and lives by them to this day: hard work, honesty, and a focus on improving the world one action at a time. This humble upbringing encouraged creativity and outside the box thinking to get the job done. Despite the challenges, learning to never to give up no matter the obstacle became Damian’s cornerstone characteristic.

While struggling to determine how to best support his family and ensure a promising future, Damian landed his first carpet cleaning job. Within a week or two, he knew this was the start of a promising career. Applying his previously learned values he knew he could make the world a better place through the homes of the families he served. This realization changed the course of his life and he became completely obsessed, eating, sleeping, and breathing the industry. The work dominated his every thought. Like most things in life, Damian believed there is frequently a better way to accomplish tasks and goals. Without reinventing the wheel, he focused on creative ways to make the ride smoother.

From the very beginning, urine odors were the biggest challenge in the industry. He was trained on various methodologies and products, but urine odors could not be completely removed. Many training and certification courses had lengthy sections on odor removal techniques. Try as he might, the results were inconsistent.

Beginning to lose hope for a guaranteed solution, Damian would occasionally advise clients to replace their carpet for guaranteed odor removal. He knew this was not an acceptable treatment or even a viable answer to the issue. Call it inspiration, luck, stupidity, desire to provide for his family, or just stubbornness against defeat, he decided once again to search for a resolution to this insurmountable problem. Damian started his own carpet cleaning business found some products that were an improvement over what he had used in the past but still did not meet Damian’s expectations.

Following many failures, Damian found himself in Arizona just before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the world. While learning about a product designed to sanitize surfaces, it was mentioned how this sanitizing product reduced the urine odor of an animal shelter. These words were music to his ears and a magic seed was planted. Damian changed the subject, and the seed began to grow into an idea. After many discussions, research and development began. More than two years of extensive development, testing, and product evolution, Damian had created a product that consistently and permanently removed not only the odor, but the source of the odor as well. Test after test, the results were consistent. Damian had finally created a worthy product.

In the face of a global pandemic, financial strain, failed partnerships, and other personal and professional setbacks, Damian found an investor that shared his passion for creativity, had complimentary skills, and together they formed Pure Evolution based on Damian’s vision: finding creative solutions for everyday problems to improve the world one step at a time.